My photojournalistic wedding photography

Passion for wedding photojournalism

My passion is not only photography by itself, but photography as a way of documenting, means of telling a story about a miraculous connection between the two people. I want to tell stories, that’s why I do photojournalistic wedding photography. Naturally, as a bridal couple you are the focus of your big day, but your story can only be complete when includes all of the people close to you, your family and friends. My passion is capturing that atmosphere, those emotions, connecting strings between people, that personal touch you put into countless details of your carefully chosen and designed location to create timeless and unique wedding photographs.

Natural, honest and unobtrusive style

My style is photojournalistic, close up and personal. It’s documentary in a way that I capture the atmosphere naturally without having people pose for photos. No “photo cheese smiles”, no artificial settings, just people having fun, sharing the moment, relaxed, natural and honest. To get that emotional closeness in the photograph I have to get close and I don’t pretend to be invisible, but I do my very best to be as unobtrusive as possible and not to interrupt any precious moment. For sure the only thing you will ever hear from me will be my camera shutter. Usually it makes me so happy I smile, and then I move away.

Newly wed couple shots

Of course, newly wed couple shots are part of the any photojournalistic wedding photography. After the wedding ceremony tension is over, you can finally relax… you’re married! After all the congratulations as well as the group photos, it’s time for the nice and easy part of the day. While the guests start relaxing we’ll take of to a nice location close by for a few first photos of only you and your loved one as a married couple. Not everyone feels natural posing and I’ll be happy to gently guide you with suggestions so you feel comfortable and relaxed. This will give you the most soft, intimate, candid images with real emotions of only two of you together to treasure and relive this moment forever.

I follow where you want to go

Being a destination wedding photographer I work not only in my native Croatia (Mediterranean, Europe) and Japan, but anywhere else in between as well. I’m not just there for you as a robot photo clicking machine, I will be there for you to support you for the entire time we spend together. To be able to tell the whole wedding story from a beginning to the end, it usually means booking me from 8-12 hours on the wedding day, but shorter packages are also possible, of course.

When it comes to a destination wedding I love to travel, and I draw extra inspiration from being in a new place to tell a unique story, so let’s talk. With ever cheaper travel tickets you will be surprised how great deal you will get.

Making a connection

If you like me so far, let’s connect. I’d love to meet you in person if possible, or Skype if not. It’s a non-binding meeting just to chat, hear what you’re looking for and to see if I can help you with that and if I meet your expectations. For photos to be great we have to connect, “click”. Trust is important part of any relationship and if you find that you can trust me with your big day, you can be yourself, relaxed, natural and gorgeous. In turn, I don’t take it lightly and for me it’s the most humbling experience in the process.

Good way to get things going is to arrange a pre wedding (aka “engagement”) session where you will get a little insight into my way of working and get beautiful photos for your invitations, and of course photo book later.

Photojournalistic wedding photography

Shoot me a message, and let’s connect, after all, it’s free and I’d like to hear from you without obligations. Upon your request, I can send you more information about all the options, packages and prices. I love what I do, and whatever your wish is, I’ll tailor the package to suit your idea that you’ll be happy with. Our paths have crossed for some reason, and I can’t wait to meet you.