Natsuko & Yoichiro | Europe wedding charm

TURN ON the speakers before watching

Natsuko’s dress reminded me of the classic antique style of the old Rome and Greece, which is why I wanted to make their prewedding photo session in a place that would reflect that atmosphere of Europe wedding (ヨーロッパウェディング). I found just the perfect spot.

It was a cold winter day, the last day of 2017. Although it was cloudy and getting dark, they were the perfect couple for this session. I’m always amazed how couples in love have this calm, welcoming atmosphere around them, like an invisible protective bubble that shields them from natural elements and human-generated negative vibrations. There are no fidgetiness, rushing, no harsh looks nor judging. Just like with these two, absolute calmness and flow embraced them both and me with them. In such state it’s almost like the pictures take themselves.

This session made me nostalgic for Europe a little bit as well. I want to take more Europe wedding projects this year.

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