Beautiful Micro Wedding in Japan in Winery Overlooking the Valley

In recent years, and certainly enflamed with the “new normal” new terms such as micro wedding in Japan have entered the wedding industry. What once was all just “wedding” now has a multitude of prefixes to finer define the variety.

However, the name is not important, really.

What IS, are the intentionality, the purpose of celebrating your love and not putting up the show for the sake of the show alone, satisfying the tradition, or buckling under pressure from that family member who will blame grandma’s death on you if you don’t invite 150 people to your wedding “while she’s still around so she can see you”.

Micro wedding in Japan is same as anywhere else. It is a term to denote something not overblown and out of proportion. Some define it “up to 20” some to “up to 50” people. We consider elopements anything under 25 people as 10 people on each side is just 5 with their partners and it wouldn’t be unusual to have your tribe that size even in these digital days and times.

And indeed you should consider yourself blessed to have that many close people who would follow you to the other side of the world to see you off into your new life together.

Such was the case for M.& N. who wanted to bring their American, Australian, and Japanese families together to celebrate. Micro wedding in Japan, destination wedding, large elopement, no one cared what it was called. Two people tied the know that day, and their best fam was there to see them through. That was all that mattered.

Micro wedding Japan Beautiful Nagano Japan
Micro wedding Japan sister love
Micro wedding Japan bridesmaids
Micro wedding Japan. first look in a vineyard

Micro wedding Japan beautiful venue even on a rainy day
bride crying during her Micro wedding Japan
Micro wedding Japan First kiss
Micro wedding Japan heck yeah
Micro wedding Japan group shot
Micro wedding Japan Here comes the couple
Micro wedding Japan Portrait over valley
Micro wedding Japan Dance floor

Micro wedding Japan sparkler exit