It was a nice but cold December day. We picked up the car and headed up north-west from Tokyo to find a perfect spot for the Japan prewedding photo session. I remember seeing this location before and it immediately caught my eye. Manami and Hike are avid hikers and when they suggested that we go there I was thrilled!

In a short stretch, there are plenty of opportunities for some amazing shots. But finding that perfect location is never easy. However, as it often happens, we found some hidden spots that seemed were just waiting for us. At this time of the year this rather touristy area was completely empty now and we had it just for ourselves.

The temperature was freezing but my hero couple couldn’t care less. Manami was shivering in her beautiful Jenny Packham dress but her expression was calm and dreamy and that really caught me up in the moment. They were so into each other as if nothing can disturb them. As the sun was setting, the temperature was getting close to zero and the wind was picking up. Trying my best to capture this incredible calmness and warmth surrounding them I hardly noticed my foot fell through ice a few times into the freezing cold water.

What came out of the camera from this session is something I hope they will treasure for a lifetime. Sit back and enjoy some of the images from this captivating Japan prewedding photo session.

We left this place long after dark already coated the surrounding mountains, but I will surely come back. There’s much more that can be done here, I can’t wait!

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