Lauren and Sam were looking for a Japanese wedding photographer to capture a few moments of their trip to Japan last December. Based in South-east Asia at the time, these two lovebirds give a whole new meaning to enjoying life. Originally from UK, they decided it’s time to pack the bags and look at the world through their own eyes instead of surfing through Instagram feeds of other people.

And so they do, with an amazing lightness. You can’t help but to get infected with their radiant joyful vibe. I remember I wasn’t feeling too good that day when I packed my camera to meet them in Ryogoku, the old part of Tokyo. But the session felt more like meeting old friends than working. As if all three of us were caught up in a soap bubble floating around the streets of Shitamachi and over Yanagi-bashi bridge (see how it looked almost 200 years ago in this print).

One of the best things about being a Japanese wedding photographer is that you get to meet so many people from all over the world who come to visit this magical place. Lauren is chatty and curious, and Sam is calm and supportive, both so easy going and chilled. Later that night we met up for some sushi in one of those small locals-only sushiya with only counter and couple of tables for some fresh bites and sake.

What can I say, biggest joy comes in the smallest of things. Can’t but hope to get a chance to meet with these two again and someday shoot their special day wherever that may be. Happy travels, guys!

You can follow their adventures at their Pair of plodders blog or Instagram, it’s worth a visit!

Shoot me a message if you wanna meet up for a session or some good ol’ Japanese sake 😉

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May 18, 2018
Omgggg! Why have we only just seen this! Henry you are a great guy! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and was great going for food and sake after! Your a great photographer and made us feel so comfortable on our first shoot! I'm not sure when or where we will tie the knot one day but when we do, you are our man! Thanks Henry. We miss you!
    May 18, 2018
    Hahhaha it sure took you a while! Counting down the days! From Tokyo with love, h.