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When will Japan open border for tourist travel is one of the main questions we get from our couples who inquire about having an elopement or an intimate wedding in Japan. Understandably, the uncertainty of the possibility of being able to come to Japan on your chosen date is a concern for many who want to get married in Japan.

Should I be planning before Japan open border?

When will Japan open border?

One of the critical issues when planning an elopement or an intimate wedding in Japan is booking a plane ticket and accommodation for your stay.

Luckily, many airline companies understand this issue and offer free ticket rescheduling. Click on the following link to check airline fare flexibility due to COVID for your chosen airline.

For your perfect accommodation, we can recommend the most authentic and enjoyable places to stay, but we also help you book your accommodation free of charge with no rescheduling fees.

And last but not least, we are super flexible with your date, and if you can’t come due to border closure, you’ll get a free open date postponement.

Japan will open border this summer

Thankfully, many of our international couples have already booked their wedding in Japan this year and feel safe with so much flexibility.

What does the press say about when will Japan open border?

Since his speech in London beginning of May when Japan’s prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would loosen Japan’s virus-related border controls in line with other wealthy democracies next month, Japan has started making steps towards the full opening.

All news sources agree that Japan border opening is long overdue. Japan is currently the only G-7 country that has not yet opened for tourist travel without quarantine. Borders have been getting looser with allowing more and more business travellers and students to enter the country already, the number reaching 10,000 daily arrivals from starting 3,500.

Business representatives of Japan’s top business lobby are continuing to urge the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to open border. Another attractive aspect of the current events in Japanese economy is weakening yen which will make travel to Japan even more affordable.

All indicators are in favor that the pressure is growing within and that the announcement that Japan will open borders completely is coming soon. Check out the latest articles in English to find out more, or contact us directly.

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