Jennet and Stanislav’s story belongs to new generations. He’s from Estonia, she’s from Turkmenistan, they met for the first time in Japan. Jennet contacted me after seeing only a few of my photos for which she said she liked because they looked life-styled, and said how she wanted to have a memory in photos of their time together that look natural, like the screenshots of their life. I was very flattered and humbled that she would entrust me with creating such an important memories for her based on only a few photographs and a feeling. Little did I know that this was their secret engagement session as well! These young people are at the gate of their lives, with the unperceivable vastness of it laying in front of them, and all they see is just here and now.

One thing we can all appreciate from the feeling of being in love, for sure.

The whole engagement photographer Tokyo session took place in three locations; as Jennet went to greet Stanislav at the Narita airport for the first time, at the Meiji jingu shrine in Yoyogi park and in Akihabara, honoring the way these two lovebirds met, playing an online game! That’s life!

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