This must be the loveliest intimate in Japan garden wedding ever. Bride and groom chose a perfect location to suit their style. An old French restaurant only a short ride from Tokyo named Kaigaratei or the Seashell. The whole place is a complex of two separate buildings. One is a cozy little cafe and patisserie and attached restaurant that features the all-in-wood interior resembling the old sailing ship. The other one is a smaller, more intimate dining place with a wine cellar and a room for dress, hair and make up preparation. Between them is a lovely garden where the ceremony was held.

The wedding took place in mid of December, and although it was a nice day, still it was a bit cold, especially towards the end of the day. No one cared. A small group of family and closest friends gathered in a warm closely nit atmosphere to help these two lovebirds start off their journey together. A whole ceremony felt like a family reunion where everybody knows everybody. I felt like a part of the party. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. It felt like a day will never end.

For a Japan garden wedding in Tokyo area, it started pretty early. Bride and groom were there around 9 and I was right there with them to document the whole day from the very start. As I already met with them few times in person and over Skype, we already established a connection and when we met on their wedding day it felt like meeting old friends. Both Fumino and Hiroyuki were so relaxed around the camera and seemed like they didn’t notice me at all. Being them natural selves allowed me to catch them in their most honest and true moments. Laughter and joking made their true fun loving character to shine and it showed in the pictures. They gave me their full trust in how and when to take any picture I wanted. It didn’t even feel like work. I was having a blast. By the end of the day, I was part of the family.

WARNING: There are quite a few pictures in this gallery, much more than I usually put. I had a hard time even selecting only these. There were far too many honest moments not to put them all. I hope you get the glimpse of the atmosphere and how it felt to be there on Fumino and Hiroyuki’s wedding day.

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Venue: Kaigaratei resort & garden
Dress: @plume.dress
Hair: @midori0502
Flower: @madoka_amazingme

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