Beautiful Fall Elopement in Japan short trip from Tokyo Crowds

Having a fall elopement in Japan amidst the magical autumn foliage season can be a dream come true for nature lovers such as these two. They wanted to witness the spectacle of leaves changing colors at their peak and we made preparations to ensure their wish is brought to life. Booking well ahead of time and proper preparation is half the job done to give you the memories for life and let nature do the rest. 

Fall Elopement in Japan ー The Preparation

Elopements are for couples who value their privacy, and we don’t mind going the extra mile to make it special for them. They wanted to spend a day surrounded by nature. The trees, the leaves in all colors, by the lake with the view of the mountains, as far as possible from the city crowds.

Firstly, we researched the area for them well ahead of time to find the place that would suit them best based on their wishes. Then, we picked them up at their hotel in Tokyo and drove them all the way to Nikko.  Outside of the main touristy area we arranged a quiet hotel room for them to be able to rest peacefully and soak in the views. The morning started slowly and meanwhile our hair and makeup artist helped prepare the bride and the groom. Just before noon we drove to the entrance of the park that leads to the lake which they chose for their fall elopement in Japan

Just the two of them

I can remember the happiness and excitement on their faces when they stepped out of the car and onto the forest path. Simply wonderful! 

As they explored the area, I documented the memories of their time among the changing colors of the leaves by the glass-like lake. It was a cloudy and gloomy day, but even though it was something they weren’t hoping for, it wasn’t going to ruin their day. The weather fit the season’s mood well and brought a solemn sense of calm as we moved toward the ceremony part of the day. 

I can never forget the gentleness and devotion he was looking at her the whole time. The camera didn’t exist, and the occasional people passing us by didn’t exist. Nothing existed but the two of them tightly wrapped in the bubble that brought them to Japan from so far away. 

Moments in time

Being part of such a day and experiencing this kind of energy is what I love about my job. Above all, the moments in time are all we really have, and my passion for documenting them for my couples is what keeps me going. 

The day ended in the most spectacular sunset, by the way, and I’ll leave you to see what it looked like in the gallery from this beautiful fall elopement in Japan.