Elope in Kyoto in Old Japanese House Garden – Beautiful Private Japan Elopement

Emily & Kosuke came from New York to elope in Kyoto. Kosuke’s roots are in Japan, and they wanted to honor his heritage and spend time honeymooning across Japan for the rest of their stay.

Initially, they wanted to go for a shrine wedding but changed their mind in favor of a more private setting offered by the secluded garden of the old Japanese house they stayed in.

The house is completely renovated and has a clean, modern feel, but at the same time, the owner kept all the original features of the old house along with all traditional elements such as shoji, wooden and paper doors to the garden, and large calligraphies inside the house. With some added elements of his own like a bathtub in the back garden – so Japanese style – I could see why they chose the place.

It offered a perfect blend of the two worlds – old and new – which coexist harmoniously in the lush green garden with a pond, all behind the old wooden gate. The sound of water, the serene whisper of the wind in the trees… as soon as I entered, walking past the stone lanterns, I knew this was the perfect place to elope in Kyoto for them.

Their plan was simple but intentional. Small details carefully inserted to represent them at this stage of their lives and something to remember it by.

Check out the video highlight and pictures (all taken by us) of this beautiful elopement in Kyoto.

Elope in Kyoto - Old temple in the forest
Elope in Kyoto - Famous temple
Elope in Kyoto - Pagoda
Elope in Kyoto - Japanese style house
Elope in Kyoto - outside tub
Elope in Kyoto - Doing her hair
Elope in Kyoto - Waiting First Look
Elope in Kyoto - Ceremony
Elope in Kyoto - Wedding rings
Elope in Kyoto - Wedding first kiss

Elope in Kyoto - Wedding flowers
Elope in Kyoto - Wedding first dance
Elope in Kyoto - Married couple
Elope in Kyoto - Kiss
Elope in Kyoto - Dusk