Elope In Japan – Surprisingly Amazing Spots 2 hours from Tokyo

There are so many unique nature locations to elope in Japan, from Hokkaido in the North to Okinawa down South, Ogasawara islands in the East and magnificent cliffs of the West coast. If you are into nature or city vibe, traditional or high-tech, there’s something for everyone.

From that many options it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there are many nice spots right at your doorstep when you are in Tokyo.

Now, nature is not something you would automatically associate with one of the biggest and most densely populated cities in the world. However, within only two hours by public transport and even less by car, there are some amazing spots with the unique landscape for any season or time of the day.

Maybe you want to stay close to the city, or you’re on a tight schedule, or you’ve decided on the whim, whatever the case may be, you can seize the moment and get to any of this locations to elope in Tokyo in a blink of an eye.

One of the services that are part of my elopement packages as an elopement photographer in Japan is location scouting and creating a personalized location idea list from scratch for each client. This gives my couples a location list tailored specifically to their style, preferences, and overall vision of their elopement in Japan.

Note: Most of these locations don’t have official names or they are in danger of becoming too popular so I’ll just give them my names or none at all. Drop me a message if you’d like me to take you there!

If you are looking for best place to elope in Japan this rocky beach may be for you.

1. Elope in Japan || Lone island beach near Tokyo

This amazing place is almost always empty. I’ve been here many times and each time it looks different. Be it a change of tides, seasons, times of the day, I always notice something new and mesmerising about this place.

Distance from Tokyo: 1:40min

If you plan to elope in Japan, these cliffs offer spectacular view of the rising sun.

2. Elope in Japan || Byobugaura cliffs

They call them “Japanese cliffs of Dover”. I think it’s not fair to neither of them. Nature comes in so many different shapes and flavors, comparison only diminishes the experience at hand. These cliffs run long. You can view them from below, or if you know where, you can see them from above. There is only one place in several kilometer stretch where you can do so, and if you know how to get there, you’ll be treated to a spectacular view. 

Distance from Tokyo: 1:55min

If you dream to elope in Japan at sunrise in a secluded spot, this may be good place for you.

3. Elope in Japan || Door to Fantasy Land

This place although it is off the beaten path is quite popular. However, knowing how and when to go pays off. While most people have to compete for a spot to even see the waterfall, I’m there always by myself.

Distance from Tokyo: 1:20min

When you're looking to elope in Japan and you are staying near Tokyo, this is certainly one of the possible locations.

4. Elope in Japan || Theater cove beach

This place is hidden from the main path which is hidden from the main road, which is to say that I’ve only seen humans here once. Couple of years ago. A local fisherman minding his own business on a far end. All the Japanese couples I brought here couldn’t believe this was real, and so close to their home. Amazingly calming in the mornings, growing to medium and occasionally wild towards the end of the day, this place connects you to your roots on this planet. One of my favorite spots in this area to elope in Japan.

Distance from Tokyo: 1:45min

5. Elope in Japan || Lone cave beach

This cute little sand beach is packed with textures and small details in a relatively tiny space. Smooth yellow sand? Check. Unusual layered cliffs? Check. Cave overlooking the beach? Check. Small waterfall? Check. Huge background wall? Check. Another beach next to it should you wish to packraft? Check. Superlong lone beach under the cliff only 40min hike from there for more adventurous souls? Check. Jungle like forest path connecting the two? Check. Accessible by car? Check.

As you can see, not much missing here except civilization. Good for some unattended wild camping under the stars for that perfect sunrise mood.

Distance from Tokyo: 1:40min

If you consider to elope in Japan, make it in the place which is 100% you.

6. Elope in Japan || Seaside park with the view of Mt. Fuji

This cute little place is for some reason that I can’t explain totally unknown to your average Tokyoite. And let’s keep it that way. For sunset lovers only, and variety of locations under and on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Although visible all day, at sunset Mt. Fuji contours really add the special kick. 

Distance from Tokyo: 1:15min

Couple who decided to elope in Japan on the Pacific ocean beach. They are wearing traditional Japanese clothes.

7. Elope in Japan || Shonan area

For those misty afternoons when everything slows down. Long sand beaches and the contours of Enoshima Island which was said to have risen from the sea in the 6th century. 

Not so far is a small park on a cliff. Good if you like to switch places, but not mandatory. 

There’s also little something if you are a anime fan, too. 

Distance from Tokyo: 1:20min

Couple who chose to elope in Japan in a crowded place, but where worlds apart from anyone else.

8. Elope in Japan || Cave mouth beach

Layered views. Sea mist. Pouring slopes on the side. Mt. Fuji in the distance. 

If you don`t mind the loads of people who came to admire the same views as you, it’s an amazing place 🙂 

Seriously, if you are happy with finding your own little corner and enjoy it till the sun sets and you will have it all to yourself. For some reason 99% of the Japanese people leave as soon as the sun touches the horizon. Oh, and there’s a beach that you can have all to yourself on the other side underneath the cliffs.  

Distance from Tokyo: 1:30min by car, an hour more by train.

Elope in Japan into the sunset. You can have all these area basically just for you.

9. Elope in Japan || B-bay

This great little place is mostly visited by locals. 

It’s a great day-trip spot to just run away from the busy city and eat some local food. Or elope in Japan. Or both.

The rock formations remind me a little of another great place where I shot an elopement in Wakayama prefecture. 

Sunset view is amazing, and you can park right at the beach. 

Distance from Tokyo: 1:30min by car, 45min more by train.

For those who want to elope in Japanese mountains, but still stay close to Tokyo, Mt. Tanzawa offers few choices.

10. Elope in Japan || Mt. Tanzawa

If you are more into hiking, there are some great mountains in Hakone area with the views of Mt. Fuji. If you consider staying overnight, it is more relaxing and offers opportunity for some great night star shots!

Depending on your adventure level, the whole area is full of small camp sites around lakes and rivers, and if you are up for camp elopement (post coming on that one soon!) in the mountain, cuddling up around the camp fire, this would be a quick option from Tokyo. Most of campsites are hard to reach by public transportation alone, so the car is recommended. 

Distance from Tokyo (to the trailhead): 1:50min by car

Couple who chose to elope in Japan kissing in the Japanese pampas grass fields.

11. Elope in Japan || Japanese pampas grass fields

If you want to elope in Japan between November and February, you may want to consider a mountainous area of Hakone. With Mt. Fuji close by, as well as lake area around Mt. Fuji it can be a great mix for a two day elopement. Or a drop by to the volcanic beaches of Mitsuishi less than an hour ride towards the ocean. 

Those rocks would be great for those adventurers looking to elope in Japan in the summer. But I digress. 

Overlooking the pampas grass fields is the thick forest. Views from there are so calming. And you’ll have it all for yourself. 

Distance from Tokyo: 1:40min

12. Elope in Japan ||Mt. Fuji lakes

Mt. Fuji needs no introduction. But did you know it is surrounded by several picturesque lakes, large and small ones, each offering unique views of the grand volcano? Whether you are just doing a day trip, or decide on a road trip elopement, camp elopement, or your preferred way to intimately elope in Japan, this area will give you your secluded spot. Hills and mountains with their sacred paths and shrines will have you feeling as if you were on a pilgrimage. Definitely recommended for any nature lover looking to elope in Japan, in all seasons.

Distance from Tokyo: 1:50min

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