Elope in Barcelona Better Way – Wedding near Barcelona to Escape Crowds

When I got on the phone with Reham & Jordan from Vancouver, and they told me they wanted to elope in Barcelona, the first thing they asked me was, “Wait, aren’t you in Japan?”

I live between Japan and Europe, mainly Spain, and my hometown in Croatia. Since life led me to stay in Japan for a considerable time now, I’ve come to appreciate my roots more and even miss the Mediterranean atmosphere where I was born and lived most of my life. Spending time and developing a style and career in a very different world gave me a new, original perspective and approach to what the Mediterranean is. Combined with the experience, Japanese work ethic, and attention to customers, I got something that puts me aside from an average local photographer and guarantees an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience to remember for a lifetime whether you want to elope in Barcelona area or anywhere else in Europe.

Turned out crowds weren’t what Reham & Jordan had in mind for their two-day elopement either. Having never been to Spain, they wanted someone to care for all of their elopement needs. They had plans in Barcelona afterward (Primavera Sounds Music festival) but wanted more personal time for four days before that.

To elope in Barcelona area, we organized accommodation for them just an hour and a half away in the Spanish countryside, in an old Spanish villa surrounded by olive trees, a swimming pool, and a Micheline star chef host (!!!). I wanted to learn all about their plans, ideas, and wishes to give them personalized suggestions for things to do during their stay.

On the first day we went exploring the area along the coast. We drove up to visit the village where Salvador Dali lived and see his house museum. On the way, we stopped at romantic, small villages with castles, small alleys, and incredible serene views of Catalonia.

For their second day, they wanted an even more secluded place, complete privacy. They were hoping for a spot somewhere in the mountains. That is not what comes to mind when you say you want to elope in Barcelona, but we found the perfect place, just a few hours’ drive from their place. Along the way, we found spots for them to stop and visit, chill and have a bite. We ended the day by returning late at night, and their host greeted them with a beautiful custom-ordered and made wedding dinner in a garden just for the two of them. No rush, all-thrills & chills, experiences over things, and that’s precisely what you’ll find below in the photos and video we documented for them to enjoy for many years to come.

Take a moment to take a look at the photos below to experience everything from the secluded privacy of the natural surroundings, to the picturesque stops along the way. These photos truly capture the couple’s desire for an unforgettable and adventure-filled envelopment wedding experience. Enjoy!

Day One

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