Kayoko & Yuuki | Lake Kawaguchiko lovers

I guess for every destination photographer Japan is on their travel list. I had the honor to shoot weddings and couples many times in this beautiful place. When Kayoko approached me that she wanted to have a memory of the place where now her husband, Yuuki, first confessed his feeling for her I was super excited. This is our “memorial bench” said she, as we arrived at the small park right at the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, with majestic Mt. Fuji silently witnessing this magical moment from the background.

I like sentimental people. Makes me believe that they feel some finer connection to our surroundings. To everyone else, that’s just a park with a nice view. For Kayoko and Yuuki, that’s the place where their story was first written and from where their life together unfolded. Hadn’t he summoned up the guts to say how he feels, for better or for worse, this would’ve remained just a piece of wood stuck in a ground for old people to catch their breath on their evening stroll, or for moms to lay down the lunch bag while kids are running around.

For the two of them for as long as they both live, it’s a gate to a moment that played years ago with a power to bring back all the sweet tension, tenderness, and sound of hearts beating while he was searching his heart for the right words to hit her strings. Just like the pictures do.

That’s why I never get tired of documenting genuine love and emotion. My own horizons broaden with every new person or couple I meat, with every new story I hear, and every new place I visit. And while I travel a lot as a wedding destination photographer Japan will always be a place where I look forward returning to.

Sit back and enjoy this session for a moment. Then close your eyes and tell me where your heart is taking you, and then tell me. I’d love to tell your story in pictures.

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