When a groom wants the best photographer Japan has to offer to shoot their wedding and prewedding session, you know he means business, even if he’s joking. They say there’s 50% of truth in any joke, so I just said, you’re looking at him!

For me shooting each session is a challenge. To show the couple in the light that best represents them. I always aim to make it more than just a snap. A photograph must be personal. Each relationship is unique, but they all have one thing in common. Love, deeply rooted in the care for another that shines through in even most shy couples. So even when I have a bride or a groom who shies away from the lens, I look for the cracks in the armor to catch that beam of loving light.

Even the couples who don’t like to show affection in public love to see their pictures where they’re all cuddled up together, just like they do away from the eyes of the crowd. I always think it is my job to capture that for them, even if it’s against what they openly demand at the moment. I think that’s what the best photographer Japan has got to do.

And when you think about it, it’s everywhere. It’s in the looks, in tiny hand gestures, accidental touches, sneaky stares. You can’t hide it. Nobody can. That’s why we call them significant other. Because when they are around, everything else comes second and they are always in the focus of our attention.

A famous photographer said that we shouldn’t be afraid of falling in love with our subjects. And that is exactly why. So we can open up the eye that sees what is otherwise invisible. Pictures below tell a story of what I saw that early November morning.

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