Beautiful boho elopement in Japan just two hours from Tokyo

I love my couplese, I truly do. Take a minute to read this story you’ll see what I mean. This beautiful boho elopement in Japan was a surprise from a bride to her man. Turns out he’s been a fan of my work for a while, and although they planned this short-but-sweet elopement together, she somehow managed to keep it from him that I was going to be documenting it. Thinking back, indeed I was always communicating with her from day one when she told me she wanted to do a boho elopement in Japan. We met at the arranged location and he literally flipped when he found out what she had prepared for him! ❤ But it doesn’t stop there! A. (the bride), first found my work on Instagram 5 years ago while still in university! She said she knew if she ever got married, it would have to be me to take the pictures of her best day! ❤❤

Mind blown.

I’m so humbled by experiences like this one, as I try to keep low-key, put my couple first, and not give my role more importance than it really deserves ー I’m just guiding my couples to the best elopement experience possible and when the day comes, I document it all in photographs and video to the best of my ability and the way I felt it as it happened in front of my lens.

My couples are the rockstars.

Take a moment and see the shots from this beautiful boho elopement in Japan.

Location of the Boho elopement Japan
Boho elopement getting ready shots
Boho elopement Japan couple walking
Boho elopement Japan hair flying
Boho elopement Japan on the beach
Beutiful hand made tapestry and tipi
Playing guitar to his girl during Boho elopement in Japan
Boho elopement Japan amazing dry flower
Boho elopement Japan sunset