I just love being around relaxed fun loving couples. This anniversary photo session was exactly like that. James and Steph wanted to have a memory from their trip to Japan in the park where they enjoyed spending time together. I was so happy when they contacted me to document this moment in time for them. There is something magical and special about being close to a couple in love in their most intimate of times. It didn’t take them long to totally forget about me and lose themselves in each other’s eyes.

Selfies are a great way to let other people know you’ve been there. But to truly let the feeling show in the photograph you have to let someone else worry about the camera and just be yourself. This is the kind of picture you will treasure later for years to come and will become your family heirloom. You will value it more and more as the time goes by. It will always take you back to that moment and all the feelings that were there will magically come back to life.

It doesn’t have to be an anniversary photo session. It can be some other special occasion, like starting a family or moving to a new city, or a new apartment. Or for no other reason, but just because you feel like you want to capture the way you feel about each other now. This is what the photographs are all about. Taking us back in time, timeless reminders of moments that will never come back again, but we saved them from fading in our memory.

Let these pictures make you a part of those precious minutes James and Seth shared on this winter afternoon of 2017.

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