Capturing life as it happens

I see the world in photographs.
Not perfect nor staged, but always as beautiful unique moments in time. As I blink, the shutter is pressed.
Some call my style photojournalistic or life-styled. I think it’s most of all human – a life as it happens. Capturing the mood, the feeling, and the atmosphere is my style. The look, expression of the body love and connection between two people tell the story.

I just capture them as they happen.
Naturally, honestly and unobtrusively.

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I’m an observer. Therefore, I rather wait than force things to happen. I’m never in one spot and like to seamlessly get into the flow of the event. I always look to capture those connecting dots that make a relationship or a situation, that often go by unnoticed. Being close to my subjects gives that closeness feeling of intimate images that show a true connection between people. Same like most people, I prefer to take photos and not have my pictures taken so I found my own way how to make you feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.

We will meet in person or using skype before your event to get to know each other a bit more, and you will tell me about your plans, worries, and expectations. On your special day I won’t interfere with your guests, arrange you for photos or demand anything. I will quietly move around and the only thing you will hear from me will be my camera shutter.

I will photograph your day like I’d like my own to be photographed. I want that in 10, 20, or 50 years from now when someone looks at your photo book they relive the moments as they get transported back in time. Finally, your photos are not only your legacy, they are mine as well. And I treat them like that. That is my passion. To tell your story like no one else could.

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I like adventure and the open space. I like the sea and the salt. I love mountains and the fresh crisp air. The sound of the wind in my ears. I like to keep in motion.

I like to listen to Alabama Shakes, Gary Clark or Ben Howard. Yet I grew up with the black and white and old movies of the 50s, 60s, and 70s and the music of those times. It’s true what they say that you bring every book, movie, painting or a song you’ve ever heard, seen or read into your photography, and just like life, it grows and evolves over time. I like being in nature, the smell of chopped wood and the making of wine in the fall. Dry figs and breaking of the almond shell. Red wine and the smell of a good pipe.

So what I don’t like? Slimy egg whites come to mind. Not a big fan of dishes with intestines in them but I love to cook and bake. I like the smell of the open fire in the winter and the forest in the summer rain.

I like to travel and come back home, spending easy time with my love and friends. Always remembering to discover joy in little, everyday moments, and instead of waiting for that next big thing to enjoy the life as it happens.


I find inspiration in new places and I love to explore. I love to take time and soak in the feel and mood of each place and then transfer and preserve that feeling on to the photograph. Some of the places I’d like to visit: Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Pacific north-west, Alaska, Iceland, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Peru, Mexico, India, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Kirghistan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Bali, Barbados, Brunei, Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia, Galapagos, Sri Lanka, Iran, Costa Rica, Caribbean to name a few!

Capturing life as it happens.